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Full Throttle-30 Garage Gym Workouts for Advanced Athletes (Free PDF)

Full Throttle-30 Garage Gym Workouts for Advanced Athletes (Free PDF)

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This Full Throttle series is one of my favorite ways to workout because it involves very challenging movements, movements that require deliberate practice or skill. Movements like Hang Cleans, Bulgarian Split Squats, Front Squats and Deficit Deadlifts to name a few. 

You first start with a strength based exercise that you will have to perform 3-4 sets of. In some instances you will have to complete a super set. The rest periods will be longer at this point. Once you are done, you will move on to a circuit involving a tri-set approach where you do 3 exercises with almost no rest, but then you would rest 1 minute after you complete the third exercise. 

So you first complete a movement to make you stronger followed by a conditioning circuit that will challenge your central nervous system and improve your metabolic conditioning. 

What you will need access to:

  1. Barbells
  2. Dumbbells
  3. Bench
  4. Kettlebells
  5. Hexbar
  6. Landmine
  7. TRX
  8. Sandbags
  9. Medballs (slam ones and non-slam ones)
  10. Resistance Bands






Who is this workout plan for?


This series is for the advanced fitness enthusiasts or athlete. You should be comfortable with hard work. Though the workouts are tough, I did make sure you would have plenty of time to rest between sets. 

This approach would be great for a tactical athlete, a BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) athlete, or a OCR (Obstacle Course Race) enthusiast.


Where can I do this workout?


At a gym with full equipment.



How do I get this workout plan?

After you complete purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the workouts. Nothing physical will be mailed to you.



How many times can I download the workouts?


There will be a download limit of 7 attempts. If for some reason you need more simply please reply to your download receipt e-mail and I will assist you.