Kettlebell Workout Cards by JLFITNESSMIAMI
Kettlebell Workout Cards by JLFITNESSMIAMI
Kettlebell Workout Cards
Kettlebell Workout Cards- Box Back View
Kettlebell EMOM Workout Cards
Kettlebell Complex Workout Cards
Kettlebell Workout Cards by JLFITNESSMIAMI
3 Rounds Workout by JLFITNESSMIAMI
AMRAP Workout Cards
54 Kettlebell Workout Cards

Kettlebell Workout Cards by JLFITNESSMIAMI

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Follow along with these illustrated kettlebell workout cards, featuring 50 different workouts to help you lose fat, build muscle and get fit. The cards are clear and easy-to-follow, so you won’t have to constantly stop and look things up online. Plus, they’re small enough to carry around for reference on the go, or keep in your gym bag for a quick kettlebell workout!

Each card is double sided. On one side you have the workout featuring 4-5 exercises. On the other side you will see workout description, rating for level of difficulty and alternative exercises. 

✔️ 50 Full Body Kettlebell Workouts

✔️ 6 Kettlebell Specific Warm Ups

✔️ 2 Monthly Training Calendars Included

✔️ Muscle diagram showing muscles targeted through that workout. 

✔️ 5 training formats: EMOM, 3 Rounds, AMRAP, Complexes and Tri-Sets

✔️ Workouts are between 8-20 minutes in duration. Select 1 workout for the day, or combine 2 different ones for a longer workout. 

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    How long are the workouts?


    Workouts can last anywhere between 8-20 minutes. If you have a limited time, 1 workout will do. If you have time to train, you can do 2 workouts in one session. For example, you can do 1 EMOM, rest a few minutes and then do an AMRAP workout.


    Do I need 2 kettlebells for these workouts?


    To get the most out of these workouts 2 kettlebells would be ideal. However, there is also many single kettlebell workouts in the deck. 


    I'm a beginner, can I do these workouts?


    There is a variety of different workouts with different fitness levels but you do need some experience handling kettlebells. 

    Why aren't the workouts just for one fitness level? 

    Reason #1: You are not going to be a beginner forever. Your body is going to need continuous challenges in order to get stronger and more conditioned. 

    Reason #2: One day you might be too sore or too tired, this would be a perfect time to select a less intense workout. 


    Do you ship internationally?


    15-20 days. Please be aware, in some cases tracking is limited. 

    If you live at the end of the world, like in Australia or New Zealand, please allow 20-30 days.


    How do I structure a workouts with the cards?


    The set comes with one card that displays 2 monthly training calendars you can follow.


    What size kettlebells should I use?


    This will be different for everybody. This will depend on which kettlebells you have available, either at home or at the gym. However the most important thing you should focus on is to select weight(s) that are challenging enough for YOU but that allows you to complete reps with good form. Good form is top priority!