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Bodyweight Fitness Illustrations Template Bundle- (Female) Version 2

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This is a bundle of 24 bodyweight illustrations

Each exercise in this download only contains 2 poses per exercise.


File format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)


Width: 2480 px

Height: 3508 px


📌 24 bodyweight exercises

1- Side lunges
2- Assisted pull ups
3- Hip thrusts
4- Box jumps
5- Butt kicks
6- Chair dips
7- Curtsy lunges
8- High knees
9- Incline push ups
10-Jump rope
11- Jump squats
12-Walking lunges
13- Mountain climbers
14- Push ups
15- Reverse lunge to hop
16- Single leg glute bridge from bench
17- Single leg glute bridge
18- Single leg hip thrusts
19- Single leg squats
20- Skaters
21- Squats
22- Suspended rows
23- Wall sit
24- Wall sit- single leg

(Each exercise consists of 2 individual poses, so you'll receive 2 files (PNGs) per exercise. Except for wall sit exercises because those are single poses.)

You will receive a ZIP folder containing all your exercises.




    Who are these fitness illustrations for?


    This is for a fitness professional that wants to create their own workouts for either social media, or for someone that wants to create a clear visual workout plan for their own clients. 


    What app or software can I use to use the images?


    There's tons of apps or software you can use but I recommend using Their platform is beginner friendly and their tools are easy to learn. You can of course use photoshop if you know how to use that software



    How do I receive my file?

    After you complete your purchase you will be routed to a download area where you can download the exercise.


    The file will be a zip file. Please note, some mobile phones can't extract zip files so it might be better to download and it and extract from your laptop or desktop computer.

    Each purchase has a download limit of 3 attempts. If for any reason you need more, please e-mail me.


    Do I have to give you credit on my content?


    No, you do not. Once you pay for each file (exercise) once, you own it.